Random Crystal Collar Golden Shadow & light Topaz on Brown
An entrancing blend of Golden Shadow and Light Topaz on hand-dyed brown leather. A beautiful, gentle look for red and tan dogs of every size.

The crystals used in this collar are individually set into their own bezel, similar to how a gem is set in a ring or other piece of jewellry. The setting is secured right through the depth of the hide making it virtually impossible for the crystal to be lost. An ideal choice for dogs who need a hard-wearing collar.

These exclusive products are handmade in England from superior quality bridle leather. Every piece comes with a full one year written guarantee. Exclusively made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.
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CHF 179.00
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Toy 22-27cm 20-12mm

XXS 25.5-32cm 20-12mm

XS 30.5-38cm 20-15mm

S 35.5-43cm 20mm

M 41-51cm 25mm

L 48.5-58.5cm 25mm

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Toy 20-25cm 38mm-12mm

XXS 21-29cm 38mm-12mm

XS 26.5-34cm 45mm-15mm

S 32.5-40cm 50mm-20mm

M 34.5-40cm 50mm-20mm

L 39-47cm 50mm-20mm

XL 44-52cm 50mm-20mm